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Industry History

The biomedical waste disposal industry grew out of a need to contain and curtail the spread of infectious diseases by waste products emanating from healthcare services/industries and research facilities. Biomedical waste disposal companies work in conjunction with the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) to mitigate the environmental and health related risks associated with biomedical waste. As intermediaries, biomedical waste companies ensure industry compliance with MOE regulations and absorb the financial risks which once weighed heavily on healthcare practitioners. As an adjunct to the enforcement efforts of MOE, biomedical waste disposal companies ensure the proper handling, treatment, storage, transport and disposal of waste. Biomedical waste disposal companies therefore have a dual role to play in the medical waste industry; we support MOE efforts to contain and eliminate hazmat from the environment while providing an indispensible service to healthcare practitioners and research facilities. The hazardous waste disposal industry deals with sharps waste disposal, biomedical waste disposal, pharmaceutical waste disposal and chemical waste disposal.

Company History

GIC Medical Disposal was established in 2009 in response to the growing need for a more competitive, flexible and customer-oriented hazardous waste company. Doctors, nurses, and lab technicians expressed the need that the industry offered few options other than a long-term contract with inflexible service standards and empty promises. Using feedback from healthcare practitioners, GIC Medical Disposal rose to the challenge by developing a four-pronged entry strategy that would cater to the unmet needs of the market. This four-pronged strategy would form the basis of GIC’s company mission and philosophy.

The GIC Medical Disposal Four-Point Philosophy:

GIC is dedicated to providing its customers with hassle-free medical waste disposal services that reduce their environmental footprint.

GIC coordinates with its clients to provide tailor-made services that afford complete flexibility and freedom.

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GIC employs a team of courteous experts who are competent in addressing the unique needs of medical practitioners.

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GIC is a full-service medical waste disposal service provider, and promises to provide its clients with the most competitive prices in the industry.

A Company You Can Count On

Over and over again, GIC Medical Disposal has garnered commendation for its compliant, efficient, personalized and unparalleled service solutions. Our customers recognize our commitment to providing them with a service that by far exceeds industry standards. We guarantee compliance with the ministry of environment medical waste disposal regulations and regularly monitor provincial and federal laws to ensure our safety standards remain relevant. For our clients, this means peace of mind as we help to reduce workplace injuries through user-friendly products and procedures they can count on and trust. We use a fully integrated approach to transfer our expertise and knowledge to your healthcare facility. What really gives GIC a competitive edge however, is its ability to recognize that no two customers are the same. We appreciate that our clients have varied needs and requirements, and you can count on GIC to identify your needs and tailor services to meet them. That means you won’t find yourselves shackled to a long-term contract with encumbering hidden fees. Rather, our customers choose the GIC advantage because of the freedom, flexibility, convenience and quality it affords them.

Company Growth

GIC Medical Disposal grew out of servicing unmet needs in the laboratory biomedical and hazardous waste, pharmaceutical recalls and sharps waste disposal industries. The company remains dedicated to satisfying the needs of its customers. Meanwhile, as the company grows and develops it relies on customer feedback to remain current and relevant. GIC is an industry innovator that constantly strives to stay ahead of the competition, both in terms of price and the quality of its offerings. We have the experience to understand and meet your needs. In fact, we are big enough to provide medical waste solutions at a great value and retain a mid sized organization’s mentality to provide you with the quality of service and personalization you expect. Whether your facility is a standalone practice or a large institutional organization, we have the experience to understand and meet your needs. GIC Medical Disposal services are available throughout North America (excluding the province of Quebec)

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