Biomedical Waste Bags

Proper segregation and disposal of biomedical wastes are a must. You need durable waste bags that promote worry-free disposal management.
GICMD’s biomedical waste bags are resilient and multi-purpose. Below are the uses of our biomedical waste bags:

  • For disposing bandages and swabs
  • For disposing mild laboratory wastes and disposable biomedical wastes
  • For the packaging of sharps containers and medical waste containers

Chemical Waste Disposal BagsGICMD’s Guarantee


GICMD’s main concern is you, your staff, and the clients you serve. Our waste disposal solutions are not only customized to meet your needs, but to also protect the health of our customers and the environment.
Have the peace of mind that the products from GICMD are safe and 100% eco-friendly.


We are committed to always comply with the regulations set up by the local and federal government. When GICMD delivers our products and services to your business, we ensure that everything is handled appropriately and up to standards.


Tell us when you need us, and we’ll be there! Aside from efficient and fast service, we offer flexibility. We will adjust to your schedule and make sure your business operations will not be interrupted.
In addition, GICMD specialists use a real-time tracking system for your waste disposal; so that you’ll be assured that your biomedical waste bags had been disposed safely.  


Our waste management services and premium quality products are specialized to meet your needs and your allocated budget. Consult with our experts to find the most effective and ideal solution for your business.

Rely on GICMD

Dispose your biomedical wastes using our eco-friendly and durable waste bags. GICMD will track and dispose these wastes using industry-standard techniques. Rely on us to provide you excellent waste management by:

  • Protecting the reputation of your business
  • Making sure your business hours will not be interrupted
  • Ensuring the safety of your staff and clients

Our highly-knowledgeable sales team is ready to accommodate you. Let us help you find the right waste disposal solution when you call us at 1-877-244-8828 (toll free).

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