Biomedical Waste Containers

GICMD has a wide selection of medical waste containers that will fit your facility’s requirements. We offer reusable biomedical bins that range from 100-450L. Whatever suits your needs and budget, we can deliver!
Consider the following when buying waste containers:

  • The type of waste your facility produces and needs to dispose
  • Your allotted space or area for waste bins and containers
  • Chemical Waste Disposal CanadaThe rules and regulations in your city/town/province

GICMD can provide you information and training about proper biomedical waste segregation and disposal. Keep in mind that different medical wastes should be correctly disposed. For example, a medical laboratory will need a different type of waste disposal than a day clinic. Sharps wastes should not be mixed with medical waste that can be disposed in bags.

Your facility might need an assortment of medical waste containers to ensure safety and client satisfaction. Remember, there is no such thing as being too safe!

GICMD’s Guarantee


You are our priority. Our waste disposal services are geared towards our customer’s requirements, but also to protect your health and safety, including your staff, your clients, and the environment.

Eco-friendliness is our motto. Use GICMD products without worrying that its effects can be detrimental to your surroundings and clients you serve.


Our biomedical waste containers follow the standards regulated by the government. We will take care of your waste disposal appropriately, using the industry’s leading techniques and law-compliant procedures, packaging, and transporting.


Our motto is ‘fast service plus flexibility’! We will match your time and schedule. When you need our GICMD experts, they will be there without interrupting your business and operation hours.
GICMD specialists also use a real-time tracking system to track your waste disposal. This will ensure you that your biomedical wastes have been properly and safely disposed.  


Our industry-leading products and premium services are customized to fit your desired budget. Contact our team of experts to help you find the ideal, cost-effective solutions for your business and facility.

Rely on GICMD

Dispose your biomedical wastes using our eco-friendly and sturdy containers and bins. GICMD is your source of premium quality waste disposal products. We will deliver outstanding solutions by:

  • Protecting your business and reputation
  • Guaranteeing your operation hours will not be interrupted and hindered
  • Ensuring the safety of your staff and clients

Our friendly sales team is ready to provide you a wealth of information about our services. Work with us to find the ideal waste disposal solutions when you call us at 1-877-244-8828 (toll free).

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