Carbon Footprint

Reduce your facility’s carbon footprint with GICMD’s help!
Take advantage of GICMD’s expertise and start protecting the environment from hazardous substances. With our comprehensive Sharps Waste Disposal services, GICMD ensures that sharps wastes and containers are kept out of landfills — reducing harmful consequences that would affect the environment and the health safety of many. What is Carbon Footprint?

What is Carbon Footprint?

Carbon Footprint refers to the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that are created from various activities done by industries, businesses, organizations, and people.

How GICMD can help?

The first step to reduce carbon footprint is to keep hazardous wastes separate from ordinary wastes using GICMD’s specialized programs:

  • Creating a systematic approach in managing hazardous wastes
  • Ensuring wastes are characterized into labelled classifications
  • Employing proper treatments and recycling processes
  • Disposing wastes using compliant and secured applications

Rely on us to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Be part of the solution and start making a difference! Consult a GICMD expert today to provide you the necessary know-how to manage biohazardous wastes.

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