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Dental clinics and other oral healthcare facilities require special needs for disposing biohazard medical wastes and sharps wastes. You need to develop the most efficient and organized waste management to ensure maximum safety for everyone in the facility — you, your dental staff, and your patients. Knowing how to correctly dispose any dental waste will also guarantee the protection of the environment and the public in general.

Customized Solutions

Collaborate with GICMD to build a structured method for discarding your medical wastes, sharps wastes, and pharmaceutical wastes. We will conduct our services without having to interrupt your appointments and schedule with clients.

Our waste disposal services also follow industry standards that comply with the municipal, provincial, and federal regulations.

Dependable Products

Our GICMD specialists are ready to assist you, particularly when selecting the correct waste disposal products to suit your dental facility. We’ve got a variety of containers, bins, and pails you can choose from, as well as sharps containers that range in different sizes.
Discard your medical wastes in the corresponding medical waste bags:

Yellow Bag

  • Personal protective equipment
  • Plastic tubing
  • Gloves
  • Bandages
  • Gauze
  • Items stained with blood
  • Disposable sharps containers that are tightly sealed

Red Bag

  • Amalgam used for dental fillings

Friendly Customer Service

GICMD offers more specialized waste disposal through our Medical Waste Bag Disposal Services. Check out our Biomedical Waste Disposal Products to find the necessary tools and supplies for your dental facility’s waste disposal management.

Enjoy the benefits that GICMD has to offer. Contact our GICMD specialist at 1-877-244-8828 (toll free) to learn more about our customized services for Dental Offices. Let us help you protect your dental staff and patients through our cost-effective and efficient solutions!

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