Protective Equipment & Infection Control

GICMD has the answer to prevent occupational hazards from occurring in your workplace. We have a wide selection of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to protect the safety of your staff and clients. We also have an array of Infection Control supplies to reduce the risks of illness and infections.

Personal Protective Equipment

PPEs are your staff’s first line of defence to protect themselves from personal injuries. Ensure that they wear and use PPEs that provide complete protection and comfort.
GICMD offers the following PPEs:

Protective Eyewear
Protective gears for the eyes, such as safety goggles and face shields, will help prevent accidental eye injuries and ocular infections. GICMD will help you choose the appropriate eyewear for the type of work done in your facility.
Consult with GICMD experts to help you determine if respirators are needed in your facility. We will also evaluate the type of respirator required to protect your employees.
Face Masks
Use protective face masks to prevent the spread of bacteria, viruses, and other infectious substances from person to person. These PPE gears also act as a shield against accidental liquid splashes or sprays.
Lab Coats or Cover Gowns
Lab Coats and cover gowns are your staff’s and client’s armour against harmful pathogens. We’ve got a wide selection of protective clothing you can choose from to safeguard the health of everyone in your facility.
Exam Gloves
These PPEs provide you and your staff complete protection against potentially infectious body fluids, blood, and hazardous substances. Gloves are available in vinyl, latex, and nitrile. Our experts will assist you in choosing the exam gloves that fit your needs and also comply with rules and regulations.
Infection Control
Infection Control is a systematic preventive measure that should be in place, particularly in healthcare and medical facilities.
We offer the following infection control and medical facility supplies:
Patient Gowns and Robes
The health and safety of your patients and clients are also your top priority. Our patient gowns or robes provide your client the needed protection, convenience, and comfort.
Exam Room Materials (e.g. examination paper)
Prevent the spread of germs by making sure that you dispose exam room supplies after each use. Contact our GICMD sales representatives to find out the correct materials your facility needs to promote infection control.
First Aid Kits
First Aid Kits are your first response to accidents and injuries. Every facility must own a first aid kit for emergency purposes.
Hand Sanitizers
As an alternative to constant hand washing, a hand sanitizer helps prevent the risk of contamination. Protect the people that come in and out of your facility by placing GICMD hand sanitizers at common or public areas.
Disinfectant Liquid
Keep every surface area in your facility properly cleaned and disinfected to prevent transfer of bacteria or germs. We guarantee that our effective disinfectant solutions have low toxicity but are powerful against contaminants.

Consult a GICMD Expert!

Maintain a safe and hygienic workplace. Provide your staff the needed protective equipment and ensure that your facility undergoes a regular infection control routine. Contact a GICMD customer representative at 1-877-244-8828 (toll free) to find the products that meet your facility’s requirements.    

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