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Our efforts to protect the environment have reached the global stage. GICMD’s integrated waste management is a testament of our commitment to ensure Mother Nature’s well-being.

Global Solutions You Can Trust!global waste disposal services

GICMD’s comprehensive waste disposal programs guarantee safe handling and segregation of medical wastes and other types of hazardous special wastes.

Premium Waste Disposal Products

GICMD has a wide selection of waste disposal products of the highest quality. Our products not only enhance your work efficiency, but also warranty the health and safety of the general public and the environment.

EASY-RECALL Management

Rely on GICMD to share accountability and responsibility for any return or recall event. We will take care of any product recall, such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, consumer goods, and many more.  

Guaranteed Compliance

We will help your organization ensure all standard and compliant methods in waste handling and disposal are followed. GICMD experts will provide you the needed legalities that are specific to your region. Our Guaranteed Compliance program promotes zero-liability, shielding your business from all regulatory fines. It also upholds the credibility of your organization’s reputation.

Sustainability Plans

In conjunction with our guaranteed Compliance services, you can also ensure the preservation of the ecosystem through GICMD’s sustainability plans. Our hazardous management programs will aid in reducing your carbon footprint.

The Experts You Can Count On!   

Consult with our GICMD experts to learn more information about our global services. As our valued client, you are on top of our priority list. Depend on GICMD to deliver cost-effective and customizable solutions that will suit your needs.

GICMD’s Global Presence

GICMD provides extensive services to different global regions. Click the link to inquire how GICMD can help you:

  • North America
  • South America
  • Europe
  • Middle East/Africa
  • Asia Pacific

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