Other Special Wastes Disposal Services

Aside from biomedical wastes, GICMD specializes in safe disposal of other types of special wastes.
Canada has specific requirements regarding managing of special wastes. Our GICMD experts will facilitate compliant and eco-friendly procedures to ensure the protection of human and animal health and the environment.

What are Special Wastes?

What are Special Wastes?

Special wastes contain substances that can be harmful and toxic to humans and the environment. Certain rules and regulation must be followed when handling and disposing special wastes. Proper segregation is a must. These wastes include — but not limited to— the following:

  • Biomedical wastes (including sharps waste)
  • Construction wastes
  • Empty hazardous containers and contaminated cloths
  • Fluorescent tubes, ballasts, and high-density mercury lamps
  • Halocarbons
  • Paint, wood, and metal scraps
  • Pesticides and fertilizers
  • Radioactive equipment (e.g. smoke detectors)
  • Used batteries
  • Used tires
  • Items containing mercury (e.g. thermostats and thermometers)

Our Expertise in Handling Special Wastes

GICMD offers a comprehensive package when it comes to special wastes management. Our cost-effective approach includes detailed attention to:

  • Proper Handling and Collection
  • Safe Storage
  • Regulation-compliant Classification
  • Correct Disposal

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Special wastes need cautious and secured disposal. Segregating ordinary wastes from hazardous ones can be complicated.
Rely on GICMD to bring convenient, stress-free waste disposal methods to your facility. All our services offer you the following:

  • Flexible service hours
  • No long-term contracts
  • No hidden charges
  • Skilled experts and friendly staff
  • Industry’s top quality products

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