Hospital Integrated Waste

Due to large volumes of hazardous wastes generated in a hospital, a consolidated setup is needed to manage waste disposal.

With GICMD’s expertise, we can help you manage different types of hazardous waste through:

  • Correct classification and handling
  • Segregation
  • Pick-up and transport
  • Safe and convenient disposal
  • Eco-friendly treatment and recycling

Have the peace of mind that GICMD will take care of your hazardous wastes — with the assurance that our compliant processes would not cause detrimental effects to the environment and the public’s health.

Convenient and Cost-effective Solutions

We’ve made it more convenient for you! With GICMD, you can customize what works for your hospital. GICMD experts will assist you to find the most efficient solutions to handle your biohazardous wastes and other types of special wastes.

Our Hospital Integrated Waste Management includes:

  • Sharps Waste Disposal
  • Medical Wastes Disposal
  • Pharmaceuticals Waste Disposal
  • Chemical Wastes Disposal
  • Other Special Wastes Disposal
  • Sterilization of reusable medical waste containers and bins
  • Pick-up, transport, and tracking of medical waste bags
  • Compliance Training

The framework of our Integrated Waste Management for Hospitals will also help you save a lot. Whatever fits your budget, trust in us that we will provide you the most advanced and top quality processes!

Regulated and Eco-friendly Plan

Hazardous waste management in Canada is regulated by the three government levels. Rely on us to do the job for you. Our methods and procedures are carefully structured using Environment Canada’s strict regulations and hazardous wastes classifications.
Each GICMD services are also developed to protect and preserve the environment; this ensures that the well-being of the public, animals, and the habitats are taken care of.

Experience the GICMD Advantage!

Keep your hospital’s safety and reputation intact. With GICMD’s help, your waste disposal management is guaranteed to be secured and law-compliant. Experience the GICMD advantage by calling 1-877-244-8828 (toll free). 

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