Hospital Sharps Management

GICMD’s Sharps Waste Disposal Services can be customized to fit your hospital’s needs. A large amount of sharps wastes are discarded everyday at hospitals and medical facilities. Without proper waste disposal procedures, sharps wastes would pose potential risk to people’s health and the environment. Reduce your facility’s carbon footprint with GICMD’s help!

Our Expertise in Hospital Sharps Managementsharps disposal canada

Let GICMD handle your hospital’s sharps waste using compliant and up-to-standards waste disposal techniques. Our Hospitals Sharps Management helps you:

  • Protect your medical staff and hospital employees
  • Ensure the safety of your patients and their families
  • Preserve the well-being of the environment
  • Maintain your budget for waste disposal services

Premium Products You Can Count On!

Consult with our friendly sales representatives to learn about our top quality waste disposal products. We’ve got a wide selection of sharps containers that are durable and among the industry’s best.
Protect the environment and keep sharps wastes away from landfills with GICMD’s reusable sharps containers. With the use of an innovative technology, a robotic machine empties out the contents of these containers. This procedure guarantees that sharps wastes are discarded in a secured manner.
You can also offer your patients our Sharps Containers for Homes for convenience and easy disposal.

Customer-Focused Solutions

GICMD’s priority is our customers — to deliver convenient, cost-effective solutions that will ensure the protection and safety of their health.
Our customer-focused services operate promises you:

  • Flexible scheduling that will not interfere with your hospital’s operations
  • Safe and compliant methods that follow the regulations of your municipality and province
  • No hidden fees or charges
  • To help you maintain and keep your reputation intact

Rely on our GICMD Experts

Allow GICMD to take care of your hospital’s disposal of sharps wastes and managing your sharps waste containers. Our GICMD experts are ready to assist you. Contact us at 1-877-244-8828 (toll free) to experience the GICMD benefits!

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