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Each department and unit of a hospital produces abundant volumes of pharmaceuticals wastes. Identifying which ones are hazardous from non-hazardous can be quite complicated. With GICMD’s convenient services, we can help make it easier for you, your medical staff, and other hospital employees.

Our intricate waste management guarantees that you:Pharmaceuticals returns and recall Canada

  • Protect  the safety of your medical staff and employees
  • Ensure the well-being of your patients and their families
  • Preserve the environment

Cost-effective Solutions

Our extensive pharmaceuticals waste management include:

  • Precise classification of hazardous pharmaceuticals for segregation
  • Premium waste disposal products (i.e. containers and bins)
  • Flexible collection or pick-up time
  • Live tracking during transport
  • Safe disposal

You can also choose to customize a hassle-free waste management program to suit your hospital’s needs using our Hospital Integrated Waste services. For hospitals and healthcare facilities most specially, GICMD will conduct the following:

  • Careful evaluation of the type of pharmaceuticals generated by each department
  • Determining the right location to set up specific waste containers or bins

Sign-up for Compliance Training

With all the hospital departments and units dispensing and generating prescription drugs, it can lead to unsafe disposal. This would ultimately lead to detrimental effects on the environment and to the general public, including legal issues that might arise from negligence.

Allow GICMD to help train your staff and employees the proper ways to deal with pharmaceutical drugs and waste. We will provide them the necessary information, standards, and compliant best practices in waste management.

Our Expertise in Handling Pharmaceuticals

Let our experts handle your pharmaceutical materials, so that your hospital’s activities and operations do not get interrupted. Protect everyone in your facility and keep your hospital’s reputation secured with the help of GICMD experts.

GICMD employs the best, well-informed specialists that are available for consultation at 1-877-244-8828 (toll free). Contact us today for inquiries and more information about our services.

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