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GICMD has a broad coverage for waste management for pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors. With our help, you can dispose your unused and recalled pharmaceuticals with ease and confidence.

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Through GICMD’s services, you can find the right solutions by personalizing our waste disposal programs to fit your needs. Create a systematic approach that will bring convenience and safety to your employees.
Our waste management program for pharmaceuticals includes:

  • Elaborate classification and labelling for pharmaceutical wastes
  • Segregation of hazardous pharmaceuticals
  • Premium products for waste disposal (i.e. containers and disposal bags)
  • Flexible schedule for collection or pick-up
  • Real-time tracking
  • Safe disposal

Sign-up for Compliance Training

The list of waste regulations is extensive. It can be confusing to some of your staff, which could then lead to improper waste management. Take advantage of GICMD’s specialty when it comes to the legal aspects of hazardous waste management.
Our Compliance Training program provides you a complete coverage of the following:

  • Rules and regulations set by your municipality
  • Guidelines and Legislations that deals with pharmaceuticals in your province
  • Industry standards and safety strategies to manage pharmaceutical wastes in your facility

Ensure that compliant waste disposal becomes a habit, in order to protect you, your staff, the general public, and the environment.

Our Expertise in Handling Pharmaceuticals

Get the complete pharmaceutical waste system with the help of our highly trained specialists. Find the solutions that best suit your needs. Consult with a GICMD representative at 1-877-244-8828 (toll free) and experience the advantages of GICMD services.

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