Pharmaceutical Returns or Disposal

Gain the assurance that at any time a return or recall situation occurred, GICMD will extend a helping hand.
Our EASY-RECALL services cater to all types of pharmaceutical industries — hospitals, medical health clinics, pharmacies, and pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors.

Pharmaceutical Return Services For:Pharmaceuticals returns and recall Canada

GICMD has developed a reliable returns management system to bring you convenience, competence, and peace of mind.

EASY-RECALL facilitates a systematic approach to create a manageable return procedure that involves:


The best practices and standardized methods are employed to enhance efficiency in handling returned pharmaceuticals.


The whereabouts of returned pharmaceuticals are meticulously traced inside our controlled warehouses, using security cameras and state-of-the-art technologies.


We also utilize precise counting of pharmaceuticals drugs to prevent miscalculation during processing.

Pharmaceutical Recall Services

When pharmaceutical drugs are recalled, it leads to major concerns that affect your reputation. GICMD will be at the forefront with you to provide accountability and responsibility in handling pharmaceutical recalls.
GICMD has developed a countermeasure to ensure that pharmaceutical recalls will not cause legal and damaging repercussions to your business.

Our compliant recall solutions go through highly advanced phases to ensure any pharmaceutical recalls are taken care of properly. This involves the following:


Pharmaceutical recalls are strictly evaluated then processed according to its classification. GICMD can provide you safe disposal solutions, in case any recalled drugs are categorized under hazardous.


Similar to tracking returned pharmaceuticals, the paths of recalled pharmaceutical drugs are kept in close watch inside our controlled warehouses.

Notification and Legalities

Through EASY-RECALL, GICMD will handle appropriate notifications and Canadian legalities using our Communication Centre.

Communication Centre

Communication and reporting are important in the event of pharmaceutical drug recall. Addressing your clients, the media, and the general public takes precedence above all else — to protect the reputation of your brand and image.

Through EASY-RECALL, you can rely on our highly trained communication agents to:

  • Handle notification and response process
  • Provide product support and service inquiries
  • Handle communication with physicians and health professionals
  • Convey your company’s course of action to various media outlets
  • Answers to inquiries from the general public

Returns and Recalls for Other Goods

You can also employ our EASY-RECALL services to handle other types of return and recall issues, such as medical devices and durable consumer products that need careful administration.
Count on GICMD to provide you convenient and compliant countermeasures.

Rely on GICMD’s Expertise!

GICMD experts will help you find the right solutions to maintain your credibility and prestige within the industry. Customize our services to meet your needs by consulting us at 1-877-244-8828 (toll free). 

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