Retail Pharmacies

GICMD brings convenience to your pharmacy when it comes to disposal of pharmaceutical drugs. Our Pharmaceuticals Waste Disposal Services allow you to safely discard any type of pharmaceuticals without worry.

We handle different types of pharmaceuticals waste:Pharmaceuticals returns and recall Canada

  • Over-the-counter drugs
  • Expired prescription drugs
  • Recalled medicine
  • Generic drugs

Cost-effective Solutions

GICMD allows you to find the right solution that will be suitable to your needs. With the assistance of our highly trained experts, you can customize GICMD services to develop a system that fits your retail pharmacy’s activities.

Our pharmaceutical management program offers you:

  • Precise classification of pharmaceutical drugs — segregating hazardous pharmaceuticals waste
  • Top quality products (i.e. containers and disposal bags)
  • Flexible scheduling for collection and pick-up
  • Tracking during transport
  • Safe disposal

Sign-up for Compliance Training

Our services also include a comprehensive program that focuses on rules and government-regulated standards. Compliance training will provide your pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and other staff to safely dispose pharmaceuticals wastes.

Our Expertise in Handling Pharmaceuticals

Handling and disposing pharmaceutical drugs should be done in a cautious manner. Without proper guidance, these pharmaceuticals waste can ultimately cause a negative impact to the environment — which could then pose a dangerous threat to human health.
Let our GICMD specialists take care of your pharmaceutical drugs. Call us today at 1-877-244-8828 (toll free).

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