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GIC Medical Disposal is a full service disposal provider that specializes in the transportation, process and destruction of biomedical waste. � Hazardous and sometimes infectious waste is generated during the diagnosis, treatment or immunization of humans and animals. It is also generated through research activities, or in the production or testing of biological agents. Disposable syringes, sharps, cultures, medicines, swabs, bandages, and human and animal excrement are all examples of biomedical waste. Medical waste can be highly infectious and poses a serious threat to human health and the environment.

GIC Medical Disposal makes the safety of your staff, your patients and the environment our primary focus.

In addition, we promise to provide our customers with the most competitive prices the industry has to offer.

The GIC advantage promotes:

  • Flexible service
  • No long-term contracts
  • No hidden charges
  • Courteous, fully-insured staff
  • Industry leading products that meet the highest standards

We combine superior customer service with a wide range of fully integrated solutions to provide you with the best value in the industry. No matter what your schedule is we are there to help, we will work with you on providing service at appropriate and convenient times. Bottom line, we’re available when you need us and on your schedule! Below is a description of our most sought-after medical waste disposal services:

Sharps Disposal and Container Replacement Packages

GIC Medical Disposal provides a logistical advantage by accommodating our service to your business hours. We are available for disposal and delivery of our containers when you need us. Our convenient service reflects our customer-first approach to business by recognizing that the requirements of different facilities can vary greatly. Our customer-focused approach also extends to customer training in occupational health and safety procedures, in order to effectively eliminate workplace injuries.

Pharmaceuticals Disposal Services

GIC Medical Disposal is committed to proper chemical waste disposal as a means of reducing the environmental footprint of pharmaceutical contamination. It is imperative to properly dispose of pharmaceutical waste because of the potentially adverse effects the chemical components of these drugs pose to the environment. GIC can ensure the compliant disposal of expired and/or recalled drugs at both regional and national levels. GIC can also guarantee your pharmaceutical’s reputation remains intact through prudent and cooperative efforts to handle recalls. Any company’s reputation is one of its most valued assets, here at GIC Medical Disposal we recognize the detrimental risk that product recalls pose to pharmaceutical companies. We have the ability to assist the pharmaceutical industry in this regard, and to ensure business continuity through our efficient and discrete disposal programs.

Chemical Disposal Services

GIC Medical Disposal is committed to proper toxic and hazardous chemical disposal as a means of reducing any contamination to the environment. Improper disposal of certain chemicals and/or inorganic agents may be introduced into the environment and could lead to catastrophic environmental and health issues. Traces of some chemicals have been detected, in varying levels, in aquatic species as well as in drinking water and vegetation. While these levels are usually quite low, the cumulative and long-term impact of exposure raises serious concerns, and may have a severely detrimental effect on the environment and on human health. The potentially adverse effects of chemical waste on our environment can be mitigated through GIC’s strictly regulated chemical disposal services.

Biomedical Waste

The main sources of biomedical waste are hospitals, medical clinics and laboratories. Because biomedical waste can be detrimental to human health, the local and federal law requires such facilities to follow procedures that protect the public from coming into contact with it. GIC Medical Disposal has proudly kept many facilities compliant with safe disposal of all types of biomedical waste. From Anatomical Waste, Microbiology, Biotechnology, aamalgam, soiled waste , used gauze etc. We are experts in the handling, treatment, transport and disposal of biomedical waste; we can eliminate risk with our tailored services.

Failure to comply with provincial and federal waste disposal legislation can result in heavy penalties and could lead to sanctions against any facility or organization. GIC Medical Disposal is able to shield medical practitioners and researchers from the financial risks associated with noncompliant biomedical waste disposal.

GIC Medical Disposal guarantees that its staff is fully trained and equipped to help its customers realize the benefits of waste segregation, waste reduction, and proper disposal. GIC also ensures maximum infection control by providing health practitioners and researchers with specific guidelines in order to reduce injury risk for any type of facility. GIC always arranges timely medical waste pick-up and disposal solutions that sync with your hours of operation and/or preference.

Pharmaceuticals waste disposal

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