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Sharps Home Disposal

Sharps Waste Management for Homes

Insulin treatments and other injections are done from the comfort of your home. These types of household-generated sharps should not be mixed with ordinary household wastes. Ensure that your sharps waste must be properly segregated and disposed. Strict rules and guidelines must be followed.
Start a proper waste disposal management of simple sharps at your home using the GICMD solutions:

  • Receive our guarantee that you and the members of your household are protected.
  • Have the assurance that our services are designed to keep the environment safe against harmful substances.

Rely on GICMD for Proper Sharps Waste Disposal

We offer efficiency and convenience when managing sharps waste produced at home using our Sharps Waste Disposal Kit. Sign up for this service to enjoy the GICMD advantage.
The Sharps Waste Disposal Kit includes the following:

  • Sharps Container specifically for home use
  • Box with prepaid postage and shipping label
  • Sharps Waste Disposal form

Follow these easy steps:

Discard used needles inside the sharps waste container provided in the kit. When the container is full, seal it tightly. Fill in the form with the required information. Place the sealed container and the form inside the box. Mail the package to GICMD.
Our well-established Sharps Waste Disposal Services guarantee a safe and eco-friendly sharps disposal, which are handled and processed using industry-standard and law-compliant methods. Have the peace of mind that GICMD will get the job done.
For detailed information on what we offer regarding sharps waste, check out our Sharps Waste Disposal Services. You can also view our wide selection of Medical Waste Disposal Products.

Contact GICMD

Our GICMD experts are ready to accommodate your needs. You can rely on our specialist to help guide you towards a safe and proper management of sharps waste. Contact us today at 1-877-244-8828 (toll free).

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