Waste Disposal Product Solutions

Proper waste disposal begins at GICMD. Combine our specialized services with top quality products to guarantee safe and correct handling and discarding of hazardous wastes.

Waste Disposal Products

Without the right accessories or tools, safe waste disposal would be hard to achieve. GICMD products aren’t just durable and efficient; they’re cost-effective and 100% environmentally safe.

Consider Our Mailback Services

If you’re only generating a small quantity of biohazardous waste, contact GICMD to help determine if you qualify for our mailback solution.

Mailback Service offers convenience and ease-of-use for easy handling and disposing of certain medical wastes.

Rely on GICMD

Call today at 1-877-244-8828 (toll free) to talk to our friendly customer representative. GICMD creates customized solutions for your waste disposal. We aim to design the right waste management that will fit your needs and schedule, while making sure to employ eco-friendly methods.

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