About: GIC Clinical Waste Disposal Barrie Ontario

GIC Clinical Waste Disposal Barrie Ontario – We provide state of the art hazardous waste disposal service for clinics.

No matter what kind of clinic you run, you are going to have some sort of waste that is dangerous to your staff, patients and even the public at large.  We specialize in managing clinical waste disposal.  Our job is to help you minimize your risk.

You have a legal and ethical responsibility to make sure the dangerous waste products produced by your day-to-day activities don’t end up hurting people, animals or the environment.  Our mission is to protect you and your patients by safely disposing your hazardous or toxic waste.

The first step in clinical waste disposal is for your staff to know what they are doing.  We can help with that.  You also need the right clinical waste disposal containers.  We carry a large inventory of compliant biomedical waste, sharps waste, pharmaceutical waste and other waste disposal containers.

After the waste has been contained safely, we will pick it up for you and transport it safely in vehicles specially designed for the purpose.  These vehicles will take your clinical waste to special waste processing facilities to make sure no one gets hurt.

All waste producers have a legal responsibility to ensure that waste is produced, stored, transported and disposed of without harming the environment.  We have expertise with many different types of clinical waste disposal situations so we can that responsibility off your shoulders.

We are committed to minimizing the impact of clinical waste on the health and safety of the population.  You can count on us to be fully compliant with all national and provincial regulations so you don’t have to worry about those issues.

As a leader in the hazardous waste disposal industry in Canada, we have the ability to provide any clinical waste disposal service you need.

We can provide all clinical waste disposal products and services for the Barrie area.     

GIC Medical Waste Disposal is committed to delivering safe and compliant; collection, transport and disposal of wastes produced in all kinds of clinical waste disposal situations.

Typical clinical waste disposal services in Barrie Ontario involves providing clinical waste disposal containers as well as waste removal services such as:

  • Human or animal tissue
  • Blood or bodily fluids
  • Excretions
  • Drugs or other pharmaceutical products
  • Swabs or dressings
  • Syringes, needles or other sharp instruments which, unless rendered safe, may prove hazardous to any person coming into contact with it.

Our Clinical Waste Disposal Clients Include:

  • Medical doctors, clinics, large and small hospitals
  • Nursing homes and extended care facilities
  • Dental clinics
  • Veterinary clinics
  • Pharmaceutical or similar practice
  • Medical investigation, treatment, teaching or research.
  • Spas and alternative treatment facilities

We Carry A Full Line Of Compliant Clinical Waste Disposal Containers

Our clinical waste disposal containers are fully compliant with all provincial and national regulations including OSHA and HIPAA.

Environmental regulations are constantly changing.  We hire trained, industry specialists and make sure they are constantly on top of all the changes…even the ones that haven’t quite made it down the pipeline yet.  We can guide you on the best containers for your special situation.

When you need compliant clinical waste disposal containers give us a call!

Let us help you find, use and dispose of the latest, compliant clinical waste disposal containers.

Compliant Clinical Waste Disposal Services

We have the expertise to properly dispose of all clinical wastes in an environmentally safe manner.  No matter what kind of dangerous, hazardous or toxic waste you produce, we are fully equipped to handle it.

You can count on us to safely contain, remove and neutralize any kind of clinical, chemical, pharmaceutical or other hazardous waste.

We Handle All Four Categories Of Hazardous Clinical Waste:

  • Solid and liquid infectious wastes which do not require inactivation, prior to disposal.
  • Anatomical wastes.
  • Infectious wastes contaminated with hazardous chemicals.
  • Glass contaminated with hazardous chemicals.

Whether you are a small clinic or a full service hospital with many different medical specialties and hundreds of staff members, GIC Medical Disposal can provide for all your needs.

Clinical Waste Disposal Specialists Serving Barrie Ontario Region

We can provide amazing service to Barrie clinical waste disposal clients.  Since our head office and warehouse is located in Toronto, we can provide service to you without delay.

Any of our hazardous waste removal services like sharps container and biomedical waste bag pick-ups and deliveries can be done within hours if required.

GIC clinical waste disposal services include chemical waste disposal, pharmaceutical waste disposal, biomedical waste disposal and sharps disposal.

If you have a situation where you need waste disposal services urgently, give us a call and we can be at your facility quickly. 

We Customize The Clinical Waste Disposal Solution Specifically For You

You Get Better Service At A Lower Cost

GIC Medical Waste Disposal is committed to providing the highest quality service.

Normally, a high level of quality means higher costs, but with our method of customizing services specifically to your needs, we can offer lower costs too.

We will design a completely customized, fully compliant clinical waste management solution to make everything easy for your staff and administration.

Customization eliminates waste, so we can often provide a higher level of service at a lower cost.    

Better Communication Means More Safety For You And Your Staff

Customization also means more personalized service.  Communication improves when your staff can turn to clinical waste management specialist who understands their situation.   We assign a specific person to look after your needs so if your staff has a question, a quick phone call to our specialist will often solve the problem.

This kind of personal service is hard to come by in the medical waste management industry.

Being available to answer questions and respond to your needs quickly includes training your staff in the latest compliance legislation, policies and procedures.

We’ll make sure your staff knows how to prevent accidents and protect your patients and the public with the latest policies and procedures for hazardous clinical waste disposal.

Safety is our number one priority! 

We guarantee to provide the latest, safest clinical waste disposal equipment and waste removal service so you can run an environmentally friendly medical clinic no matter what kind of biomedical or hazardous waste you may have.

You can count on us for all kinds of sharps containers and sharps disposal, pharmaceutical waste management, biomedical waste disposal and other hazardous waste management solutions.

For more information and a free quote call 1-877-308-3745 or 416- 800-2442.