About: GIC Hospital Waste Management Oshawa Ontario

GIC Hospital Waste Management Oshawa Ontario provides complete hazardous waste management services including biomedical and toxic waste management.

We specialize in hospital waste management and are able to provide any waste disposal equipment as well as manage the safe disposal of all hazardous hospital waste.

Our staff is experienced in working with hospital administration and all safety protocols related to hospital waste management.

We provide a fully compliant service at our end, but we also have personnel to work with and train hospital staff in safety protocols, paperwork and provincial and national regulations.

Our biomedical waste disposal, pharmaceutical waste disposal, chemical waste removal and toxic hazardous waste management services include:

  • Infectious Waste Disposal: waste contaminated with blood and other bodily fluids (e.g. from discarded diagnostic samples),cultures and stocks of infectious agents from laboratory work (e.g. waste from autopsies and infected animals from laboratories), or waste from patients in isolation wards and equipment (e.g. swabs, bandages and disposable medical devices);
  • Pathological Waste Removal: human tissues, organs or fluids, body parts and contaminated animal carcasses;
  • Sharps Containers: syringes, needles, disposable scalpels and blades, etc.;
  • Sharps Removal Services: recycling or incineration, as appropriate;
  • Toxic Chemical Disposal: for example solvents used for laboratory preparations, disinfectants, and heavy metals contained in medical devices (e.g. mercury in broken thermometers) and batteries;
  • Pharmaceutical Disposal: expired, unused and contaminated drugs and vaccines;
  • Geno-toxic Waste Removal: highly hazardous, mutagenic, teratogenic1 or carcinogenic, such as cytotoxic drugs used in cancer treatment and their metabolites;
  • Radioactive Waste Disposal: such as products contaminated by radionuclides including radioactive diagnostic material or radio-therapeutic materials.

Full Line Of Sharps Disposal Containers And Biomedical Waste Removal Bags For Hospital Waste Management Oshawa.

We Provide The Hospital Waste Management Solution Specifically Requested By Hospital Personnel

After years of working with waste disposal companies, the founder of our company finally got tired of hearing the same complaints over and over again.  There was a persistent and growing dissatisfaction in the hospital medical community.  Medical professionals and hospital administrators were constantly feeling frustrated with unreasonably high costs and lack of service.

Many hospital officials, doctors, nurses, lab technicians and other personnel described stories of dangerous situations caused by poor service and inflexible responses by hazardous waste management companies.

Everyone, including waste management services companies understood that proper and timely disposal practices will result in greater safety for all.  However, it was very difficult to find a hazardous waste management company that was responsive to these needs.

People in the medical industry were very wary of signing long-term contracts, but realized they had to do it because there was no other way.  Inflexible service standards and unending empty promises had left a bad taste in their mouths.

Unfortunately, the situation has not changed much.  Hospitals are still looking for flexibility in pricing and needs-based service offerings.  The need for a more customer-oriented hazardous waste company continues.

GIC Hospital Waste Management Oshawa Ontario Provides Exactly The Service Clients Need, At The Best Price Possible.

Our hospital waste management services in Oshawa Ontario has best-in-class waste disposal containers as well as collection and disposal services.  We have specialized personnel to handle all kinds of medical and industrial hazardous waste removal, biomedical waste removal, pharmaceutical waste removal and chemical waste removal for small clinics, small town hospitals, large urban hospitals as well as specialized medical facilities.

We carry an extensive inventory of best in class waste disposal products specially made for hospital waste management services.

GIC Hospital Waste Management Solutions:

  • Medical waste collection containers and removal
  • Reusable sharps containers, removal and recycling
  • Infectious waste containment bags and waste management solutions
  • Pharmaceutical waste containment and removal
  • Incineration waste services
  • Document destruction services – secure and confidential
  • Hazardous waste removal and processing
  • Electronics recycling
  • Ebola waste management solutions
  • Lab wastes containers and removal
  • Chemotherapy waste removal
  • Pathology wastes removal

At GIC Medical Disposal, we carry a large variety of sharps containers and provide sharps removal services.  The same goes for other waste removal containers and biomedical waste removal bags.

Hospital hazardous waste materials can be liquids, solids, gases, or sludges.  They can be discarded commercial products, like cleaning fluids or pesticides, or the by-products of manufacturing processes.

If your hospital or medical facility has special hazardous waste removal situation, we can provide any kind of specialized waste removal services and disposal containers you might need.


The penalty for non-compliant waste management practices can mean heavy fines, so compliance is a big issue in hospital waste management services.  Since environmental legislation is constantly changing it is a big challenge for hospitals to keep all their staff up-to-date all the time.

We take hospital waste management compliance very seriously.  Our personnel are constantly on top of the latest national and provincial regulations.  In fact, we make it our business to know about regulation changes even before they become law.

When you contract with us, our personnel will work with your administration and staff and conduct a thorough review of your waste removal policies and procedures.  We’ll go over everything from sharps containers to waste disposal systems to paperwork.

At the end of the process you will get a detailed report showing what it will take for you to be in compliance.  This kind of compliance audit can be done at your request at any time, or we will initiate the conversation whenever we see important compliance issues.

After the compliance review we’ll develop a custom solution specifically for your situation.  There will be no waste of time or resources.  When we finish, your staff will be comfortable knowing they will be safe.

Next, we will work with your administration and staff to update their training and procedures so everything goes smoothly.  We will provide as much support as you need to keep you in compliance with the latest changes in the current laws as well as those we see coming up.

Every hospital is different.  Each has its own mix of specializations and facilities for treatment.  Our hospital medical disposal management team will customize a waste management system to fit the each department and situation in your hospital.

If necessary, we will work with the staff and administration in each department to develop custom tailored policies and procedures so your hospital is 100 percent compliant.

Of course, we will provide the latest, compliant sharps containers, biomedical waste bags, hazardous waste containers and other equipment as needed for each department.

Safety is the most important thing in hospital waste management.  GIC Medical is committed to the highest environmental standards.  After we take the hazardous materials from your facility, we will dispose of it in an environmentally safe manner.  We will do everything needed to ensure the safety of all staff and the public.

You can count on us for all kinds of sharps containers and sharps disposal, pharmaceutical waste management, biomedical waste disposal and other hazardous waste management solutions.

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