About: GIC Medical Waste Disposal Containers St Catharines Ontario

GIC Medical Waste Disposal Containers St Catharines Ontario is a leader in the hazardous waste management industry in Canada.  We provide the latest, compliant medical waste disposal containers for doctor’s offices, clinics, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.

Our sharps containers, biomedical waste bags and other medical waste disposal containers provide a high level of safety and convenience for our clients.

In addition to providing hazardous medical waste disposal containers, GIC Medical also provides the actual collection and clinical waste disposal and hospital waste management services.

We train our staff rigorously in the latest compliance laws so we can share them with our clients.  In addition to knowing the rules inside-out, our personnel are highly trained to identify your needs for regulatory compliance.

When we start working with you, we will develop a customized solution specifically for your needs.  We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all packages.

For example, maybe you have been using a certain type of sharps container for years but the rules have changed and you didn’t get the memo… Our personnel will spot that and show you the new way of doing things.

Every aspect of your waste disposal containers and waste management system can be customized and fine-tuned so you are always compliant.

But we don’t stop there.  Customizing a waste management solution means GIC Medical waste disposal containers specialists will also evaluate your policies and  procedures.  Having the right waste disposal containers is not enough.  If the people handling the hazardous waste are not trained properly, there can be incidents where people can get infected.  We will help you establish effective protocols so you, your staff and the public are always safe.

GIC Medical Waste Disposal will work with your administration and staff to develop a waste management system specifically for you instead of trying to fit you into a pre-made, generic program.

We have experience working with medical offices, dental offices, medical clinics and hospitals.  We will design the “perfect”, compliant waste management system for you!

Customization means you save money!  Because we take the time to create a specific solution for you, you will only pay for the services that you actually use.  With our solution, your waste management costs are likely to be significantly lower than you are currently paying.

Your waste will be picked up and processed exactly when you want and your questions will be answered more quickly.  You will get a higher level of service while your costs go down.

You can count on us for all kinds of sharps containers and sharps disposal, pharmaceutical waste management, biomedical waste disposal and other hazardous waste management solutions.

For more information and a free quote call 1-877-308-3745 or 416- 800-2442.