About: GIC Medical Waste Management Hamilton Ontario

GIC Medical Waste Management Hamilton Ontario safely offers high quality medical waste disposal products and safely removes hazardous waste.

We strive to provide the finest medical waste management services in Canada.

With our head office in Toronto Ontario, GIC Medical offers sharps containers, bio-medical waste bags and other top quality medical waste management equipment to medical offices, dentists, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies across Canada.

GIC Medical will customize the medical waste management solution to your needs.  We will make sure your staff, patients and the public are always safe.  Not only will we provide the right equipment, but we will also provide environmentally friendly disposal processes to make sure waste is disposed safely and responsibly.

Safe medical waste disposal is the number one priority for GIC Medical Disposal.  First we work with the key people in your organization to develop a waste management solution for your specific needs.  After that, we provide full training in policies and establish safety procedures so you are compliant with the latest regulations.  Proper safety is only possible when your staff knows how to use the waste management equipment and procedures required for safe hazardous waste disposal.

You can count on us for all kinds of sharps containers and sharps disposal, pharmaceutical waste management, biomedical waste disposal and other hazardous waste management solutions.

For more information and a free quote call 1-877-308-3745 or 416- 800-2442.