About GIC Sharps Container Disposal Sudbury Ontario

GIC Sharps Container Disposal Sudbury Ontario – We provide all sizes, shapes and types of sharps containers and safely dispose of them when you are finished using them.

Examples of common sharps containers we handle:

  1. Infectious Waste Containers – these have a re-sealable center lid that keeps bio hazardous material sealed in while container is not in use. It has a leak resistant lid, puncture resistant, durable body and a convenient carrying handle.This type of container incinerates cleanly and safely in the sharps container disposal process.  It complies with Ministry of the Environment (MOE), Health Canada, Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) and Environment Canada.
  2. Phlebotomy Unit Sharps Containers – Features easy-to-see fill level and gives you a place to quickly “park” blood tube holder while attending to your patient. Needle cap holders promote one-handed, mechanical recapping when required by procedure. The lid can close temporarily between uses or seal permanently shut.
  3. General-Purpose Sharps Containers – Secure, easy-to-store containers offer safe disposal of sharp instruments. These containers feature clear locking tops and easy horizontal load openings and are safe to autoclave or incinerate

Environmentally safe sharps container disposal is a real service to society.  Despite all efforts, sharps waste finds its way into the sewage system, landfills and public places.  Serious infectious diseases are spread.  Many animals, birds and even people die every year because of improperly managed sharps disposal.

GIC Medical Disposal is committed to proper handling and disposing of sharps waste to protect your staff, patients and the general public.  We take sharps container disposal and sharps disposal very seriously.  .

When you buy sharps disposal containers from us you are getting the latest, safety approved technology in sharps containers.  We only sell sharps containers that have been tested and proven to be leak proof and puncture proof.

The sharps containers themselves are environmentally friendly because they incinerate easily.

Our containers will keep your staff safe while in your possession.  They will keep the public safe while in storage, waiting for final disposal.  When the sharps waste is sterilized or incinerated, it is safe for the environment.

Learn How To Use Sharps Containers

It is very important to have the right type of sharps containers for your needs, but if you don’t use it properly your staff or someone else could get hurt.

When we provide the sharps containers, training is included.  Our staff will offer to show you how to use the container, how to store it safely on your premises and label it properly for sharps container disposal.  The job isn’t finished until the paperwork is done (properly).

If you know you when your sharps container will be full, you can schedule a regular appointment and we will pick it up, on time.  If you are not sure and would prefer to just give us a call, we will provide sharps container disposal services at your convenience.

As a leading sharps container disposal company, we can safely dispose of any kind of infectious materials.

We are totally committed to safety.  Give us a call and we will help protect your staff, patients and the general public.

Together we can prevent the spread of serious illnesses through improper handling of sharps waste.

What Are Sharps?

Any biohazardous material made up of used “sharps” that can puncture or lacerate the skin and is contaminated with bodily fluids is called “sharps” waste.

“The department of occupational safety and health administration (OSHA) in the U.S. estimates 5.6 million healthcare workers that are handling medical equipment such as needles, syringes, and scalpels are at risk of exposure to blood borne pathogens from sharps-related injuries.”

If doctors, medical clinics, hospitals, veterinary practices and other medical related facilities do not dispose of sharps waste safely, there could be a spread of blood-borne diseases throughout society.

Unfortunately, it is common for healthcare workers to encounter sharps waste and become infected.  The danger of contamination by sharps waste is real.  Medical facilities must dispose of sharps containers properly.  There is great danger to the medical personnel and the general public.

Sharps Container Disposal – Eliminating The Dangers Of Sharps Waste

Sharps container disposal sites are specially designed facilities that must be compliant with all provincial and national regulations.  There are two main methods of sterilizing sharps waste.

The first method involves putting sharps waste in an autoclave.  This puts the sharps under very high pressure for 15-20 minutes to “deactivate” all bacteria and viruses on any material. If we find the bacteria has not been completely neutralized we will proceed to incinerate the waste to ashes

An incinerator uses extremely high temperatures.  Organic substances on sharps waste are heated until it is thoroughly neutralized.  This treatment is often used on chemotherapy sharps waste.

GIC Sharps Container Disposal Service

The sharps disposal containers we carry at GIC medical disposal are the best in the industry.  We carry a large inventory of the safest sharps disposal containers.  Since compliance regulations are constantly changing, we make sure we have the latest, approved sharps waste containers ready to go as soon as they are released into the market.

Since there are different kinds of contamination and different kinds of sharps waste, we carry several sharps disposal container systems.  Tell us what your needs are and we’ll set you up with the correct sharps disposal container.

Along with sharps disposal containers we also carry a full line of waste disposal bags and other waste management containers.

Our sharps disposal container disposal system is one of the best in Canada.

Full Suite Of Hazardous Waste Removal Services

In addition to sharps container disposal, GIC Medical Disposal has specialists and trained personnel for pharmaceutical waste removal, chemical waste removal and any other kind of biomedical waste removal or other hazardous waste removal services.  We have access to all the equipment needed for safe pick-up, transportation, storing and finally the disposal of hazardous waste.

We have dedicated staff to schedule pick-ups of sharps disposal containers and other waste containers that make it easy to accommodate your schedule.

If you don’t know when you will need us to pick up your sharps waste, we are just a phone call away.

Most companies like to schedule monthly, weekly or even daily sharps container pick-ups.

Give us a call and we would be happy to work out a solution customized to your needs.

Customized Approach To Sharps Disposal

GIC Medical Disposal’s customized approach to sharps container disposal has allowed us to cut out services you don’t use.  We can often come in with a price that is much lower than you would expect.

Our medical waste disposal specialists are rigorously trained in the latest compliance laws.  As part of our service, we provide full consultation and training for your staff so you are always compliant with provincial and national waste disposal regulations.

Our medical waste disposal containers have the highest safety ratings.  But that is not enough to keep you in compliance.  Your sharps container disposal procedures also have to be compliant with regulations.  As part of our sharps disposal services we will help your staff set up all procedures including the paperwork.

We are committed to providing maximum safety for your staff, patients as well as the community.  We always use environmentally sustainable practices.  It is our top priority to ensure that your staff is protected from accidents and your patients and the general public are always safe

You can count on us for all kinds of sharps containers and sharps disposal, pharmaceutical waste management, biomedical waste disposal and other hazardous waste management solutions.

For more information and a free quote call 1-877-308-3745 or 416- 800-2442.