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What kind of services do you offer?

GICMD is your reliable medical disposal company. We offer customized services that will fit your needs and budget.

  • Biomedical Waste Disposal
  • Sharps Waste Disposal
  • Chemical Waste Disposal
  • Pharmaceuticals Waste Disposal
  • Sustainability Services
  • Compliance Training
  • Hazardous Waste Management

We also offer a wide assortment of eco-friendly waste disposal products. Find out which one is the perfect fit for your business and facility.

  • Sharps waste container, disposable or reusable
  • Biomedical bins and containers
  • Pharmaceutical pails, totes, and drums
  • Chemical pails, totes, and drums

What are Sharps Wastes?

Any object that can potentially pierce or scrape human or animal skin. These are commonly found and produced in medical and healthcare facilities. These can be made of metal, glass, or plastic.
Sharps include, but not limited to the following:

  • Needles and syringes
  • Lancets and scalpels
  • Broken glass
  • Culture slides and dishes
  • Broken capillary tubes
  • Broken rigid plastic
  • Exposed ends of dental wires
  • Laboratory slides
  • Cover slips contaminated with infectious agents

What are Biomedical Wastes?

These are wastes that can potentially harm and cause diseases. These hazardous wastes are usually generated inside hospitals and medical facilities.

What are Chemical Wastes?

These unsafe chemicals are outdated, contaminated, unclassified, or leaky. Chemical wastes can be both hazardous and non-hazardous. The following are some examples of chemical waste:

  • Disinfecting and cleaning agents
  • Reagents, acids, and bases
  • Varnish strippers, paint thinners, paints, dyes, and inks
  • Solvents, aerosols, and other unknown chemicals

What are Hazardous Industrial Wastes?

Here are some examples of hazardous industrial waste:  

  • Manufacturing by-products
  • Machine coolants
  • Used rags
  • Sludge
  • All types of used oils and absorbents
  • Waste-water mixtures
  • Electrical resist skins
  • De-icing liquids
  • Miscellaneous chemicals
  • Damaged products
  • Spent solvents and solvent distillation bottoms
  • Contaminated soil and asbestos

What are Pharmaceuticals Wastes?

These are made up of partially dispensed, used, expired, or recalled drugs. These drugs can be detrimental to our health and the environment because of the following:

  • Ignitability
  • Corrosivity
  • Reactivity
  • Toxicity

How do I securely package my sharps waste?

NOTE: DO NOT put the yellow bag inside the sharps container. Follow these guidelines to dispose sharps wastes:

  • Discard sharps wastes using GICMD’s puncture-resistant waste container.
  • Package the sharps waste container inside the yellow bag.
  • Contact GICMD to sign-up for a waste disposal service and schedule waste disposal pick-up.

Does GICMD provide any type of training?

Yes. GICMD proudly presents our Compliance Training — a comprehensive program that covers the legal aspects of waste management in Canada. We will provide you and your employees all the necessary standards and regulations you need to maintain a safe, risk-free workplace.

What is GICMD doing to promote eco-friendliness?

GICMD has developed eco-friendly solutions through our Sustainability Services. Our services can be customized to bring to your business the most ideal waste management program, which also ensures safeguarding the environment.

Why should I sign up for any GICMD service?

GICMD offers you the best, customizable solutions that will fit your facility’s requirements. We are proud to offer you the following:

  • Cost-effective and environmentally friendly services
  • Premium quality products
  • Highly knowledgeable experts
  • Safety and convenience
  • Flexible scheduling that won’t interrupt your operation

Our clients are our utmost priority. Through our extensive services, your business and reputation will be kept intact.

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GICMD also offers specialized disposal services for all streams of hazardous waste through it's sister company, Hazardous Waste Disposal Solutions. Please visit www.hwds.ca to learn more.

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